Spain’s climate is known as one of the best in Europe with year round sunshine and low rainfall. The Costa de Almeria is an extremely dry region partly made up of deserts including the Tabernas Desert.

It is also a mountainous area which includes the Sierra Cabrera mountains which give many towns a micro-climate of their own.

Most rainfall is recorded in October and February. With little green vegetation you would expect the scenery to be dull but in fact the rocky landscape is very striking.

Many people are confused as to the difference between weather and climate. We can describe the climate and temperature in Costa Almeria as being based on long-term measurement of the weather with satellites, radar, charts and other meteorological equipment.

This gives a typical idea of what the conditions of Costa Almeria will be for certain times of the year. The weather however is a short-term snapshot and each day can be completely different.

Reading this section on the climate of Costa Almeria gives you an idea of what you should expect each season and month to be like when visiting the Costa Almeria in Spain.



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